Progress shifted

This is the moment for change.

To truly change medicine, you need the tools to develop treatments that may benefit the greatest number of patients possible. We have that here, at Ichnos Sciences—with our in-house platform that will accelerate our efforts in drug discovery. Our pioneering technology platform supports the work we do every day in oncology, making the agents that have the potential to become the therapies that could change lives—and the world.

Technology shifted

Significant advancements have been made in the treatment of cancer, especially as new immuno-oncology therapies are investigated.1 But there is still work to do to accelerate the pace at which highly effective therapies are made available to patients. We see this challenge as an opportunity.

The BEAT® platform offers an entirely new way to treat cancers—both today and well into the future.

Inspired by nature and building on past scientific advancements, we developed our novel, patented BEAT® (Bispecific Engagement by Antibodies based on the TCR) platform.2-4 Combined with our disease-centric approach, the BEAT® platform has the potential to deliver real progress in some of the most challenging therapeutic areas.

How BEAT® is writing a new chapter in medicine

The BEAT® platform uses a novel method for engineering bispecific antibodies that may treat cancers—both today and well into the future. A next-generation approach to immuno-oncology, BEAT® is designed to enable more efficient production of bispecific and multispecific antibodies that can engage multiple targets simultaneously, enhancing the power of the immune system to fight disease.

The BEAT® bispecific antibodies have two separate arms built into one antibody. For example, to harness the power of T cells that play a central role in the immune response, one arm binds a T cell while the other binds a specific target on the tumor cell. The BEAT® platform uses this process to activate and localize cancer-fighting immune cells where these are needed to combat the disease, killing tumor cells that otherwise may not have been recognized as a threat.

Offering a straightforward solution to the discovery and scale-up of bispecific antibodies, the BEAT® platform is built on our patented TCR domain interface exchange technology3 that replaces antibody-buried backbone portions with TCR components to enable best-in-class heavy chain assembly. Additionally, Ichnos has established proprietary technologies to readily generate Fabs (antigen-binding fragment of an antibody) with universal light chains5 that allow engineering of bispecific and multispecific antibodies in the natural antibody format. This approach improves the stability and high-yield purification of multispecific antibodies with limitless targeting potential, which may allow BEAT® candidates to be developed to fight a wide range of diseases.

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