Creating Impact Together

Progress is built on collective contributions.

Ichnos Sciences welcomes collaboration with partners that have bold ideas and capabilities that complement and stretch our potential to shift progress, advance science, and deliver transformative medicines. 

Oncology Pipeline and the BEAT® Platform Partnerships

Ichnos is committed to advancing our clinical-stage oncology portfolio and the next wave of discovery-stage assets. We are looking for partners who are interested in collaborating with us as we work to bring multispecific antibodies to patients with hematologic cancers and solid tumors.

Our BEAT® platform enables deep exploration of the bi/multispecific design space to optimize drug candidates and unlock new biology (e.g., T-cell, NK cells, macrophage engagers). Features include:

  • Heavy chain pairing technology
  • Heavy/light chain pairing technology using a common light chain
  • Proprietary tools for selection of high-quality antibodies (phage and mammalian display)
  • Effective target affinity maturation
  • Efficient purification aided by differential binding to Protein A, 95% yield in a single purification step
  • Flexible platform enables exploration of the full design space
  • Fc function activity can be modulated (T-cell: silent; non T-cell: active – enhanced)
  • Comprehensive screening capabilities enabling fast identification of leads with best functional activity and drug-like properties

Interested in partnering?  Connect with us at our Contact Us page

Autoimmune Disease Partnerships

Ichnos is out-licensing two assets that were developed to treat a range of autoimmune diseases with high unmet need.

Asset / MOA Status Licensee
  • ISB 880 / ALM27134
    IL-1RAP antagonist antibody
  • Out-licensed in December 2021
  • Phase 1
  • ISB 830 (telazorlimab)
    OX40 antagonist
  • Out-licensed in October 2023
  • Successfully completed a Phase 2b study in atopic dermatitis
  • U.S. IND for RA and other autoimmune indications is active

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